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So. Here we are. On this, the first day of 2016- 2017 NBA season (I know what you’re going to say and I don’t care, frankly. It doesn’t start for me until we play). I never fathomed this day. It just was not a reality. And yet…now, for the first time in 20 years Kobe Bryant is not on the Lakers roster. More than a little part of me wants to be like Joanne.

But of course life will go on (maybe) and so in this the season of pumpkin spi…er, I mean thankfulness, over the month I’m writing little blurbs to remind myself of things to be happy about as a Laker fan in the upcoming year of basketball. First thing to be happy about?

Coach Luke Walton

Who woulda thunk? Luuuuuuuuuuke is not only our head coach but one we’re positively grateful for. We bid adieu to the days of the bizarre “Man Up” coaching that had us watching games in horror & outrage. Unlike Byron, who seemed to have no player development skills whatsoever and alienated both vet & rookie alike (seriously what was his problem with Jeremy Lin?), Coach Walton seems to have no problem communicating with this team. Now I know some fans started worrying earlier in the summer when Luke said that Ingram wasn’t an insta-starter and that young players shouldn’t get minutes willy nilly if they aren’t playing well. We are a deeply wounded, shell shocked bunch &this sounded a bit too close to what we'd been hearing during what I like to call 'the terrible time' aka last year. But to be blunt, we have to get over it. Because its true. You don’t want your guys out there mucking it up just to get minutes with nary a reigning in. But there is a way to do it without disheartening your players and I believe Coach Walton can strike that balance. While its obviously very early yet, it appears he really reached out and earned the trust and faith of these guys and they are not only engaged but excited again. And they aren’t the only ones. With the cherished Kobe era having drawn to a close, we look forward to the future, led by the fresh & new yet comfortingly familiar Luke Walton. On y va.


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