Last Hit: An old verse I wrote to's 'blessed' instrumental

found this in the vault.


How many other times do u learn to try
waitin in the dark befo u re-alize
Truth lies in the life where u refuse to cry
So u drown in the water when u try to dive
Eyes jus wanna see what u can't believe
eyes say what u think so u can't deceive
Leave with a right mind but u can't conceive
Reach for the limelight but u failed ya dreams
If u live in a premature place
Will u ever mature now in a closed space?

Back When I was 12 there was an older boy
thought he was coo cus he could avoid the rules
and his Pops was never there when he was growin up
So he grew up to think that he was outa luck
Mothafucka went n touched me like he'd get lucky
Lost thoughts in his head like he Tryna fuck me
I jumped on my toes and ran past the bastard
But time moved slower than glass in plaster
In my head I was yellin out faster faster
I thought we was friends but he a fuckin cancer
Years after it happened I was tryna mask it
Had dreams starin at him like I blew a gasket
Point nine in my right point at him n blast it
Then he fell to the ground like a batter's last hit
Last hit



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